With my blog post almost ready to go live, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the module. Firstly, I have really enjoyed it. Being given the flexibility to take photos of anything which we are interested in was fun as well as the workshops we had leading up to producing our own portfolios. My subject involved a lot of walking, but it was enjoyable nonetheless! I think my photography skills have greatly improved and I feel much more confident with my editing skills, too.

Going into this module, I had basic knowledge of photography. I mean, I knew how to stick a decent Instagram filter on an image… I’ve come out the other end with a portfolio of images I am proud of. I can also steer away from just using the auto setting and work with different shutter speeds and understand aperture.

I like the style in which my article is written. I wanted to approach it fairly informally and conversational so that it’s not a dull and boring read. I was worried that my article wouldn’t be very ‘journalismy’ with only a few interviews however I feel the quotes I got were good and really added to the piece and the images.

I think I have strong images for each location, who knew that it would be a struggle to narrow them down to which would make the blog! But I’ve definitely enjoyed the process of planning, from ideas to shooting locations, organising myself and keeping up with this blog. If I can take anything away from this module, apart from gaining better photography skills it would be that I would love to create my own blog in the future.



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