One week to go…

I can’t believe it’s only one week until our deadline. I think I am happy with the images I have so I don’t need to take more images this week and have begun to edit them using Photoshop. I have started writing my copy to work alongside the images. I have written in a conversational style, reasonably informal but contains facts about each location and quotes from people associated with some of the areas.

I am going to look at The Verge and The Guardian’s long form photojournalism articles for some inspiration on how to lay my final project out on this blog. I know that subheadings will keep the page looking engaging and easy to read as the sections will be broken up. Also, Karl says it’s important to make sure that my images are distributed well throughout the post. A good combination of the two will make the post more pleasing to the eye and like I said, break up the page and sub-sections of each location within the article.

verve verve 2verve 3

Maybe a variety in size of images throughout, like the example above from Verve, would look good. Although I think displaying the full sized image will show the picture better (obviously)… I’ll just have to have a play about when I have all my images edited and copy done to see what looks best.


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