Two weeks to go…

It’s two weeks to go until the final deadline. After having a chat with Karl this week, I have started looking into groups and various forums to talk to people about some of the locations I have photographed.

Locations I have been to:

Woodhouse Ridge
Queen’s Square
St. George’s Field
Lovell Park
Centenary Bridge
Holbeck area
Old arches by Corn Exchange

I have a decent amount of photos currently however I have a few more locations to tick off my list which I plan to do towards the end of this week.

Locations remaining:

St George’s Field (again)
Beckett Park Monument
Mabgate Mural
Arch Cafe
Alley by Harvey Nicholls which Karl suggested

So I’m planning on getting a few quotes from people about each location this week as well as starting to write my copy. Oh and pick out the images I want to use for the project…. and edit them… 14 days to go… help.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA


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