Updated Pitch

It’s been nearly one month since I posted my pitch online. Since then, as i have mentioned in previous blog posts, that I will be taking images in just Leeds, not London.

I’m working on the title Hidden in Leeds. This is basically a collection of images of areas in Leeds which people may not necessarily have heard of. I will be documentating ‘hidden gems’ of Leeds. I am going to upload my images on a blog. This will mean I will have to produce around 12-16 images alongside 1400-1600 words of copy. The copy along side the images will be written in a feature style. It will talk about the area, why it is how it is, if it is historical; go in depth with the history.

In terms of research I have used my own knowledge, looked on Twitter, blogs and forums and spoken to people in Leeds. After speaking with Karl in todays session I am going to look into societies in Leeds which may help me look at locations where I can shoot as well as Urban Exploration, or UrbEx, where people specifically ask for areas which are worth exploring in Leeds.

I was thinking of creating my piece to work around a walk around the city, as a trail. Mapping out parts of Leeds which are worth discovering.

In the next week, I will finish shooting at my long list of locations, find more online using UrbEx, start writing my copy to work alongside. I have also managed to download a free trail of Photoshop and Light Room and will practice editing on them. Two and a bit weeks to go….


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